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Job Safety Analysis Template Mobile App


This is not a paid advertisement. We’ve tried this and it does work brilliantly.  You will need to determine if it is right for your particular needs. Most of the comments from others relate to being able to configure or adapt it better to their particular existing systems and nomenclature.

iJSA is a free app that allows workers to perform a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) on their iPhone or iPad. A Job Safety Analysis involves a series of Risk Assessments for potential hazards in the workplace of any industry.

The iJSA app allows users to identify hazards, take photos, record details, establish control measures, then assign a person the responsibility and deadline to control the risk.

A simple Risk Calculator takes the guesswork out of assessing the magnitude of a risk.

Google maps and GPS are integrated into the app, so workers can view multiple job sites on a map overlay, and can auto-fill addresses from Google’s GPS database to save time on site.

Staff can digitally sign-off on risks, and can email a PDF of the completed report back to their office.


iJSA is a free app available from




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