New Social Psychology of Risk Website

New Social Psychology of Risk Website


The Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) has a new website and home:

This complements the workplace risk and safety training website Human Dymensions (HD):

and the academic studies website The Centre for the Leadership and Learning in Risk (CLLR)

All three websites are integrated across practical, theoretical and interactive aspects of the Social Psychology of Risk.

The new SPoR website has heaps of giveaways, posters, podcasts, fora and Global news about SPoR happenings. It includes access to mentors and links to experts in SPoR.

For those seeking to undertake studies in SPoR in 2019 you can register for online studies here:

Or for face to face studies here:

As yet no dates have been set for CLLR classes for 2019 but if you wish to indicate your interest you can send an email here to be kept on the mailing list:

The Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk is the only body on the planet that accredits studies in the Social Psychology of Risk.

Don’t forget too there are also free books (, talking books ( and heaps of videos to download ( and There are of course hundreds of blogs published here:

If you are looking for training, practical tools and practical strategies in tackling risk or understanding risk and leadership for 2019 then register your interest here: 

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