Fatal Work Related Injuries

Fatal Work Related Injuries

Guest Post

safetyThe workplace can be a dangerous place and accidents happen. Some jobs are more hazardous than others and as you’ll see so are some locations.

Industrial Disease is a term used to describe illness and injury caused at work and unfortunately some of these result in death.

We have compiled an infographic to show the industries that fatal injuries occur across the country. The have been split into industry sectors sectors. You may be surprised with the results!

Not the most cheery subject but interesting no the less.

This infographic is designed by Atrium Legal experts in Industrial Disease. Every year many thousands of people develop an Industrial illness caused by contact with something at work. Employers in all industries have a duty of care to their employees. For many years rules and regulations have been in place to try and reduce the risk of employees developing illnesses but employers have often failed to comply with these laws designed to keep work places safe.

We help people who suffer from hearing loss, back injury, Repetitive Strain Injury, Asbestosis, VWF, COPD, Dermatitis and accidents at work.

This infographic focuses on those accidents and in particular the ones that have caused death. Work can cause serious illness and disease, Asbestos related illness being one of the most high profile at the moment but we will cover them another time.


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