Blowin’ in the wind

DOWNLOAD THE PAPER HERE:  Abstract News broadcasts featuring transport disasters or horrific road crashes never fail to capture public attention or imagination and until the emergence of antisocial media platforms many events often remained newsworthy for several weeks or even months. Following an initial flurry of instant gratification the voice… Learn more >>>>>

Safety for Luddites

Safety for Luddites I often receive marketing for safety products and get astounded at the way ‘dumb down safety’ is seduced by technology. Often the assumption is that if we collect data on an iPad somehow safety is better. Or, if we use GPS or some kind of new technological… Learn more >>>>>

Social Media and Safety

Social Media and Safety and, Safety in Social Media There is no doubt that social media has changed the way we live, relationships, communication, politics and worldview. Hoffer (1951) The True Believer; Ellul, (1973) Propaganda; Sunstein (2006) Infotopia; Kirkpatrick (2010) The Facebook Effect ; Turkle (2011) Alone Together and Keen… Learn more >>>>>