On a Hiding to Nothing

One of the aphorisms associated with despair and hopelessness is said to ‘be on a hiding to nothing’. To be on a hiding to nothing describes the pointless pursuit of something that cannot be attained. The saying comes out of the gambling industry first mentioned in the novel Mop Fair.… Learn more >>>>>

Ecological Resiliencing

Resilience is not something one has or achieves as if it can be ‘engineered’. The idea that resilience can be ‘engineered’ is a nonsense. Resiliencing is an ongoing ecological state of social meaning, purpose and hope. One cannot talk about resilience without also discussing Hope. Coupled with the notion of… Learn more >>>>>

Social ‘Resiliencing’

Australia is currently facing unprecedented devastation through both bushfires and drought. It’s hard to escape the images, where in some regions frightening fires are raging through towns at a pace that’s difficult to imagine. With the drought there are vast amounts of desolate land, an overwhelming number of poorly nourished… Learn more >>>>>