Compensation as Dehumanising Persons

Whilst Safety counts injuries the workers compensation system multiplies them. This is the stark reality of what the worker’s compensation system in Australia does to people. The special investigation by Four Corners and the Fairfax Press found the system continues to be ‘immoral and unethical’ ( The Investigation didn’t hold… Learn more >>>>>

Ecological Resiliencing

Resilience is not something one has or achieves as if it can be ‘engineered’. The idea that resilience can be ‘engineered’ is a nonsense. Resiliencing is an ongoing ecological state of social meaning, purpose and hope. One cannot talk about resilience without also discussing Hope. Coupled with the notion of… Learn more >>>>>

An Social Ecology of Resilience

An Social Ecology of Resilience There are some word combinations we ought to be suspicious of, here are some: · Fast Food · Reckless Safety · Machine Learning · Human Factors · Resilience Engineering Our language gives away our semiosis (construction of meaning) and in such word blends we see… Learn more >>>>>