Real Risk – Free Download

Real Risk - Free Download Well, here is a gift from Dr Long to you for 2019, a free download of book three in the series on risk – Real Risk, Human Discerning and Risk. Enter your details for the free download here: After the absurd fear associated with… Learn more >>>>>

The South Korean Fan Death Mystery

The South Korean Fan Death Mystery Dr Long’s New book “REAL RISK – Human Discerning and Risk” is packed with interesting little stories and anecdotes. The idea that humans assess risk objectively, or just calculate risk based on some common criteria in a risk matrix (exposure, frequency, probability and consequence),… Learn more >>>>>

Find The Bloody Cat!

Find The Bloody Cat! OK – Thanks??? to Dr Rob Long – this little task is driving people nuts – there is a cat in the picture and, once you find it, it will stand out like the proverbial! The first five to return by email (address to:  the… Learn more >>>>>

Real Winners

Real Winners Dr Rob Long has announced the winners of our “Tell a Discerning Safety Story Competition”. There were lots of great entries and it is refreshing to know that there are lots of people out there who have a good appreciation of Real Risks. All winners receive a copy… Learn more >>>>>