Simple Tips on How to Improve Your Safety Inductions

Improving by Comparing Effective Safety Inductions and Traditional Safety Inductions I continually get emails and calls about the dreadful state of inductions in various industries, despite the wealth of expertise about in instructional design and education. Unfortunately a Cert IV in training is not preparation for effective teaching and learning but pretty much a ticket to train. …

The Biggest Threat To Worker Safety Might Be You and I

As per usual, I started quite a storm with my last post (Time for Safety People to Put Up or Shut Up) and have been hit with a stead barrage of safety professionals that react to my work like felt up prom dates. I am trying to make the point that all is not rosy in safety and the recent workplace deaths are proof of that. Say what you will, but dead workers does not exactly say "well done" safety…….  This may not be mainstream news but mark my words, it will be and you might just wish you’d have paid more attention to these emerging issues. I’m making a speech at ENFORM Banff 2013 the day after tomorrow that is sure to create a furious response. At any rate, you read it here first.

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