Swimming Pool Safety Inspections

Swimming Pool Safety Inspections

As expected in the lead up to the December 1st implementation of new swimming pool safety regulations, their will be a lot of new companies or expansion of services of existing companies who want to take advantage of the compulsory pool inspection requirements. We’ve provided some links below to some of the pool inspection companies that have already got a presence on the internet. We aren’t recommending them just providing their website details. As time progresses and training is completed, there are sure to be many more and we’ll list them here as we find out about them. Please let us know if you come across any pool safety inspection companies or pool safety inspectors who have impressed you. Please refer to our previous post about pool safety inspector qualifications, inspectors code of practice and training courses. There are bound to be plenty of sharks cruising the suburbs looking to make a quick buck so be very careful that you check credentials and become very well aware of your rights.

www.poolsafetyinspections.com.au – when we published this article, this site was a one page blog – watch for more

www.buildandpest.com.au – Their site indicates that at the moment they only do an overview of swimming pools and associated structures for pre purchase


Proudly Australian owned and operated, mypoolinspection (ABN 52 092 792 811) commences operations in early December 2010. mypoolinspection is a Queensland-wide business, which will be qualified and Government-licenced to inspect pool fences and issue Compliance Certificates. mypoolinspection has extensive experience in Risk Management and Hazard Identification. They are affiliated with the largest Insurance Assessment and Risk Management company in Australia, and we are supported by its 50+ offices. This company is currently advertising for Pool Safety Inspectors See details here


Swimming Pool Fence Safety Inspections and Certification Queensland. They inspect pool fences and provide certificates of compliance state wide.


Did you know it is NOW compulsory for ALL RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, and BODY CORPORATE Swimming Pools to meet the Queensland Governments new strict pool safety standards. Stage 2 Pool Safety Fencing Laws are now in place in QLD as set out in the Queensland Development Code, part MP 3.4 (both new and existing pools must be upgraded to comply with the standard) Click here for PDF

Brisbane Pool Inspections If you live in the Brisbane are and own or manage a swimming pool call us now to arrange a Pool Inspection by one of our fully licensed pool inspectors. Pool Inspections cost $220 for residential pools & $330 for Shared pools

BE SAFE Pool Fence Inspections – If you own a pool or manage a shared pool you will be affected this Summer with the introduction of the new Queensland pool safety legislation designed to make all pool fences compliant and SAFE. Complement Date: December 2010

Cairns Pool Inspection, Pool Safety Certificate Cairns

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