Schoolies face Gold Coast balcony ban

Schoolies face Gold Coast balcony ban


We wrote about this issue 3 years ago and it is still ongoing despite a tragic balcony death last year! Some apartment owners are doing the right thing. See recent article in the Courier Mail

Having nearly been hit by a watermelon thrown of a balcony a few years ago and been involved in a number of insurance claims involving stuff thrown off balconies and a fatal fall over an inadequate balustrade I would fully support this initiative:

Schoolies could be banned from hotel and high-rise apartment balconies on the Gold Coast after safety concerns over drunken and loutish behaviour.

Queensland’s Office of Fair Trading is investigating whether youths celebrating the end of their high school exams can be locked out of high-rise balconies after reports of throwing projectiles, jumping between units and skylarking.

A group of bodies corporate has made the push for the lockout due to concerns that schoolies who throw objects from balconies pose a health and safety risk to other tenants and the public in general.

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