OMG–We Must Ban Christmas–For Safety Reasons

OMG! – We Must Ban Christmas – For Safety Reasons

Depositphotos_7359267_xsIn anticipation of your Xmas celebrations at home – have you prepared risk assessments, work method statements, first aid kits, emergency procedures, competency based training for all presents and guest induction packages for your celebrations??

This little collection of articles and quotes from the web implies that Safety People,the media, authorities and healthcare people think you are all idiots (except them of course) and are priming us for the worst. Yeah sure, more accidents happen at Xmas – only because people are doing more and having more fun.

Please enjoy your Christmas, be aware of and talk (NOT tell) about what you and your family are doing, embrace the risks and deal with them as you already know how (you have surely heard it all before) – YOU are NOT an idiot!

  • What can happen when a man gets a nail gun for Christmas
  • Safe Santa’s checklist for this Christmas
  • A cocktail of excitement, stress, tiredness and alcohol can create unexpected hazards in the home at Christmas
  • Who’s got your back this Christmas?
  • During Christmas, your home is likely to be full of people and, in the excitement, accidents can easily happen.
  • Beware silly season injuries
  • Along with the threat of choking on threepences and falling off ladders are the dangers of new toys, small toys, and hypoglycaemia or dehydration when people take long car trips with no breaks.
  • There is the increased risk of food poisoning, heat exhaustion, and cutting of fingers while carving.
  • Warnings have also been issued about the wise use of waterways and hand-tools, stings and bites, and the rise in incidence of depression, road deaths, and alcohol-fuelled domestic violence during the holidays.
  • The risk of drowning and injury skyrockets over Christmas.
  • Don’t rush when opening the presents.
  • Have a screwdriver ready for toys that are screwed into packaging, and clear up the packaging and wrapping paper as you go along.
  • 6000 people will end up in hospital on Xmas Day. 1 in 10 will be burned lighting candles on Xmas Pudding and 31 will be electrocuted and die from watering the Xmas Tree when the lights are on.
  • A casualty doctor has warned that carving the Christmas turkey while drunk or popping champagne corks could seriously damage the population’s health on Christmas Day.
  • More bizarre accidents medics have seen include: exploding Christmas tree lights, which caused small burns to eyelids and eyeballs, and zips caught on eyelids as people struggled to try on a new jumper.
  • Eye unit staff commonly see children suffering after poking themselves or others in the eye with new toys and glitter fragments in the eye from cards or craft activities. Dry eyes from sleeping with eyes open after excess alcohol consumption is common.
  • ‘Tis the season to be cautious: Christmas decorating injuries on the rise
  • Twinkling lights should have been tested for safety at a nationally recognised testing laboratory like UL, they said. And they warned against burning wrapping paper in the fireplace as it ignites and burns intensely.
  • The number of people whose “Ho-ho” turned to “Oh, no!” climbed to more than 15,000 seen in U.S. emergency rooms last year, according to new data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Be careful! Employers are liable for office Christmas party injuries


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