Last Minute Xmas Gift Ideas For Safety People

Last Minute Xmas Gift Ideas For Safety People

What do you get that well-meaning, hard-working, under appreciated safety person in your life, who has everything except a clue about how people really make decisions?

Do they:

  • Come home from work every day lamenting that nobody understands them, listens to them or cares about safety?
  • Recite the WHS Act and Regulations in their sleep?
  • Go to watch the kids play sport and yell from the sidelines “Don’t get hurt!!!”?
  • Get made fun of at parties when they tell people what they do for a living?
  • Do a written risk assessment before they mow the lawn or clean the gutters in every kind of PPE imaginable?
  • Kiss you goodbye each morning and say: “I Zero Hate You” and constantly tell you to remember that “Safety Is the Number One Priority”?

Then you must act NOW!!! Get these books for them to read over the Christmas Break – not only will you enjoy the new reflective, relaxed, caring and empathetic person in your life but their work colleagues will also be amazed at and very appreciative of the transformation in them!

Social Sensemaking – A Reflective Journal; how we make sense of risk

Anyone struggling to make sense of the social psychology of risk and safety, the flavour of most of our articles these days, will love this new book by Rob Sams

Social Sensemaking©, is a reflection of a ‘learning adventure’ in the Social Psychology of Risk, experienced over the past few years by Rob Sams and the other Contributors to this book.
Written in the form of a reflective journal, they share stories and experiences of how they have made sense of decisions and judgments about risk. This is a book that questions the traditional controlling and dictating methods typically adopted by the risk and safety fields, and as an alternative offers a more humanistic approach and methodology.




Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk


This is book 5 in the series on the Social Psychology of Risk – Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk. The book is the result of three days of conversations between Rob Long, Greg Smith and Craig Ashhurst held in February 2016.

Rob, Greg and Craig gathered together with Rick Long of InVision Pictures and recorded conversations on twenty three topics in risk and safety. The recorded conversations were transcribed by Max and Sylvia Geyer and then the three authors wrote commentary into the margins of the book

The book is 160 pages and included in the $49.95 price is access to all the videos. In addition a talking book of all the conversations can be purchased for $10.

The foreword is by Prof. Sidney Dekker ( ).

The book can be purchased here:

A sample of the Introduction and Chapter 1 can be downloaded here: Risky Conversations Chapter 1

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