Trainee Brain Surgeon Solves DIY Fall Problem

Trainee Brain Surgeon Solves DIY Fall Problem

imagePreventing a serious head injury when falling off a ladder is a simple as wearing a bike helmet according to a leading Trainee Brain Surgeon who presented her findings to the the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons annual scientific congress on Thursday. Read the whole brain busting article HERE

She blames DIY renovation shows for forcing people to climb and fall off ladders at home. She said: “about 3500 Australians were being admitted to hospital after ladder falls each year, and most of them were men falling at home – not people at work where safety precautions are mandated”. She gives no advice on how to survive knife injuries to the back when climbing corporate ladders.

Risk Homeostasis Theory tell us that whenever we implement simplistic solutions to complex problems then there are bound to be by-products and trade-offs. With this new level of protection, more and more DIYers are now likely to be lulled into a false sense of safety and attempt to climb to all new dizzy heights without the same perception of the risk that they may have once had. As the pioneer of Risk Homeostasis Theory, Gerald Wilde once said:

Give me a ladder that is twice as stable, and I will climb it twice as high. But give me a cause for caution, and I’ll be twice as shy.

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