The Social Psychology of Risk Handbook, i-thou

Book Eight in the Series on Risk

The Social Psychology of Risk Handbook, i-thou

The Social Psychology of Risk Handbook, i-thou is now published and on sale HERE 

The Social Psychology of Risk HandbookAt long last there is a complete map of studies in this unique approach to understanding risk. There is no other place globally to study this approach than with the Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk (CLLR) in Australia. Since Dr Long founded the Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) © in 2003 there have been thousands of people globally who have studied, appreciate and value its constructive contribution to the genre of risk.

The book is compiled in 260 pages as an apologetic for the discipline in three sections with the final section providing a complete curriculum for SPoR studies. The first two sections of the book outline the unique SPoR Body of Knowledge in section one on Foundations and section two on Critical Concepts in SPoR. The book can be purchased  HERE

I read a Master’s thesis recently that quoted some of my work and it demonstrated just how much SPoR is misunderstood. One cannot come to SPoR from a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) focus as if such a perspective can step outside of its own paradigm. SPoR stands in contradistinction to a STEM worldview. This means that the risk and safety paradigm and orthodox studies in risk, safety and security will generally struggle to understand this new discipline.

This book provides the groundwork needed to step across paradigms and understand a truly different approach to tackling risk. The book doesn’t seek to be a translation of SPoR but rather a methodical and methodological outline of its foundations, history, critical knowledge and curriculum structure.

The past seven books in the series on risk have presented SPoR through stories, dialogue and a topic-centred approach to risk. This Handbook brings together foundational concepts in SPoR in a structure that demonstrates its difference in understanding and tackling risk.

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    1. Thanks David. It’s selling well after giving away 3 of my books I think its OK to recoup costs on this one. It’s much larger than previous books as so much on structure of the SPoR curriculum making it heavy for postage. This book is quite critical in setting a benchmark of where the discipline is placed to other STEM focused approaches to risk.

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