Safety – Not The Number One Priority

This article recently resurfaced on social media and created quite a divisive stir in the safety community! Although I admit my bias, there seems to be a swing away from such platitudes - is safety maturing? Safety – Not The Number One Priority I have upset so many Safety Spuds over the years when I …

Risk Psychometrics, Spin and Snake Oil

Risk Psychometrics, Spin and Snake Oil

Latest article by Dr Robert Long from

A great quote from the article:

So, let us name safety psychometrics for what it is. Safety psychometrics is workforce eugenics as if humans are not human, as if the absolute of zero is cause for absolute control of humans, as if risk is the enemy, as if fear is how we should live and as if learning and imagination are not required for the creation of safe workplaces. If one wants a human workforce, then robots won’t do.


Depositphotos_13949903_xsThe recent boom in sales marketing by companies promising to eliminate risk takers and unsafe people from the workforce shows that there is good money to be made from spin and safety snake oil. The problem is not only that claims made by these companies are founded on eugenic assumptions and pseudo science but more, such ideas are dangerous, non-creative and anti-learning.

There are several tests to assess the validity and presence of snake oil. Try these:

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