How To Safely Pick Up Chicks

How To Safely Pick Up Chicks – spot the hazards By colourful veteran safety crusader, Barry Spud. When I received the email  with this subject line I almost didn't bother opening it. I have never had a problem with the ladies.  We all know that women want a man with… Learn more >>>>>

Wild Animal Safety

Wild Animal Safety Wild animals are fun to watch. They interact differently than our domestic pets; they look cute and cuddly; and they are intriguing because they seem so untouchable. However, no matter how cute and cuddly a kangaroo or bear may seem, it is very important to always remember… Learn more >>>>>

Wildlife Crossings Unsafe for Animals?

Wildlife Crossings Unsafe for Animals? Its Sunday again so this is only kind of sort of safety related………….. Just reading about the huge expense unspared (not sure if that is a word?) to allow endangered species of wildlife (well the cute ones anyway) to safety cross busy roads without injury… Learn more >>>>>