Safety Behaviour a Matter of Motivation

Safety Behaviour a Matter of Motivation

by Don Andrechek

Motivation - Golden Key.The word that arises when dealing with the change of a worker’s behavior is “HOW”? How can I get motivational success? How can we influence desired behaviors through motivational factors? How can I motivate people?

The answer to the question of how is not simple, research shows us that true motivating factors were found to be such things as being personally recognized the opportunity to grow and advance, self achievement and responsibility. The level of an employee’s motivation can be determined by personal needs, what is gained, and the personal beneficial values. An employee that acquires what he foresees as a goal and a success becomes even more motivated and even more responsible.

An employee’s effort when becoming motivated can be influenced by the value of what he attains and what he thinks his efforts will bring forth as a personal achievement, goal or reward. As a result of this effort coupled with skills and abilities, knowledge and experience, the performance level and accountability of the employee increases.

Managers play a big part in the management and outcome of an employee’s behavior. Communication is a factor because workers need to know what responsibilities are expected of them while on the job. The value and importance of the job will need to be emphasized and the expectations of the employee’s responsibilities the company seeks will need feedback during and after the workday. The reward of personal appreciation for compliance to the assigned responsibilities will add incentive to employees. Managers that don’t foresee the reward of personal recognition as a job performance motivator will have employees that are unhappy, unsatisfied with their jobs, and this creates a lack of motivation for job performance.

Employees expect more from their jobs then a paycheck, they expect recognition. What could have more of a personal effect on a employee then when a manager shows appreciation for what a employee does and the additional added value to the company? Employees need to know how they are doing on the job; they also want to know how they are doing on the job. When we personally recognize employees in a positive manner it sends a strong message that not only do we support their efforts but also recognize their positive behaviors thus enforcing these in the employee.

The pillar for motivational success is the identification of the desired behaviors and the recognition of the employee’s positive performance and responsibilities in reaching these behaviors. Employee recognition will reinforce the desired actions needed and employees will have no desire to take unsafe risks or uncalled for unsafe acts. Having employee involvement in setting company objectives, recommending suggestions of advice and improvements will help employees develop a feeling of company unity, interest and support, thus creating a meaningful personal involvement in desired company objectives and behaviors.

The beneficial factors of an effective motivational program are that there will be fewer injuries, a decrease in damages and company downtime and improved work production and quality. Employees that are motivated will complain less and become more sociable and interactive, and also company morale improves. The most significant change and overall result of a successful motivational program will be the Bottom Line; the profits of the company will increase.

“If we can begin to change the way we look at things, the things we look at will actually change”.

Donald Andrechek

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