CLLR Christmas 2016 Newsletter and Competition


Happy Christmas and New Year

This is a special edition of the CLLR Newsletter to wish you all a Happy Christmas and the best for the 2017 New Year. We look forward to continuing our newsletters and services to you in 2017 and look forward to meeting some of you as you commence studies with us in 2017.

Introduction Workshop 17,18 2017 Linz Austria

This is a reminder to register for the Europe workshop the Introduction to Social Psychology of Risk Workshop in Linz Austria on 17,18 January 2017.

A special 25% discount applies for more than one registration. Email rob at to discuss your discount.

Book Competition for Christmas

Just in time for a surprise Christmas gift, the book Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk. There are six complementary copies to go to the first six correct entries that pick the correct number of faces in this image above. Send your entries to Be quick.

Fake News, Fake Safety and Fake Christmas

For those interested in the recent challenges of fake news, you may like to read this.

New Introduction Workshop for Adelaide March 2017

Due to demand a new Introduction to the Social Psychology of Risk Workshop has been scheduled for 15,16,17 March 2017.This is the first time we have run a unit of study in the Social Psychology of Risk in the ‘City of Churches’ and we look forward to helping those who have shown such a strong interest in South Australia. For those who indicated a wish for another venue other than the workshop in Sydney on 8,9,10 February 2017. The picture on the left is an example of the practical tools and materials participants receive who attend a workshop.

Introduction Workshop in Sydney Filling Fast

For those wishing to register for the Introduction to The Social Psychology of Risk Workshop on 8, 9, 10 February 2017there are limits on numbers according to the venue size.

The Wayside venue has been chosen for many reasons but especially a unique opportunity to experience the work and challenges of risk in humanitarian work on the streets of Sydney.  Some of the proceeds of the unit form a donation to the Wayside’s work.You too can also get your angels wings.

Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk Videos

If you want to see some examples of some of the workshops and content delivered by Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk you can view some videos here.

Request for Workshops in New Zealand

We have received a number of requests to run workshops in New Zealand for 2017. If this is of interest to you then register here:

If we get sufficient demand we will run some workshops back to back in the middle of 2017 so that participants can move into online learning mode following their workshops. A special discount will be offered for the double workshop.

The two workshops proposed would be the Introduction to the Social Psychology of Risk Workshop and the Semiotics Workshop (what is unique about the New Zealand coat of arms?). You can read more about the workshops here:

Facebook Group

If you like research and discussion on the nature of risk, culture, leadership and learning then you might want to join the Social Psychology of Risk Group here.

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Dr Rob Long

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