Free Safe Work Method Statement


This statement is site specific and is to be completed before all high risk construction work.

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Steps for filling out SWMS:
1. Discuss with relevant employees, contractors and HSRs what work will be high-risk, the tasks, and associated hazards, risks and controls.
. In the ‘What are the tasks involved?’ column, list the work tasks in sequence to how they will be carried out.
3. In the ‘What are the hazards and risks?’ column, list the hazards and risks for each work task.
4. In the ‘How will the hazards and risks be controlled?’ column, select the hazard or risk and then work through the control levels 1 – 4 from top to bottom. Choose a control measure (and how it is to be used) that is as close to level 1 as is reasonably practicable.
Control levels
1. Eliminate any risk to health or safety associated with construction work.2. Reduce the risk to health or safety by any one or any combination of the following:· Substituting a new activity, procedure, plant, process or substance· Isolating persons from the hazard, such as barricading, fencing or guard railing, or· Using engineering controls, such as mechanical or electrical devices.3. Use administrative controls, such as changing the way the work is done.

4. Provide appropriate personal protective equipment.

5. Brief each team member on this SWMS before commencing work. Ensure team knows that work is to immediately stop if the SWMS is not being followed.
6. Observe work being carried out. If controls are not adequate, stop the work, review the SWMS, adjust as required and re-brief the team.
7. Retain this SWMS for the duration of the high-risk construction work.

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