Free Release of All Risky Conversation Safety Videos

Free Release of All Risky Conversation Safety Videos

Following the success of the Risky Conversations series ( Greg and Rob have decided to release access to ALL the videos for free.

This release follows on from their most successful presentation of their two day Due Diligence workshop in New Zealand. The full transcripts of the video series in the book Risky Conversations (and the usb talking book) of the video series can be purchased here: and here: The videos currently receive over a thousand hits a week (and we receive many follows and emails) which demonstrate that many people in the risk and safety industries are finding them helpful.

The video series is complemented by the book Risky Conversations which is a record of transcripts of every video conversation but also includes in the margins extensive links, research and evidence to all that is discussed. A typical page in the book looks like this:


InVision Pictures

The Risky Conversations videos are on Vimeo which offers much better quality than youtube and have been produced by InVision Pictures

InVision Pictures is a part of Human Dymensions and offers high quality multimedia with a unique understanding of the risk and safety industries, particularly the need for creative and innovative ways to undertake training and inductions. You can see the work of InVision Pictures here:

Further to the Due Diligence Workshop.

The workshop demonstrates just how much current safety systems (and related metrics and symbology) don’t work or achieve their espoused purpose and how little of what is proposed as effective safety systems don’t hold up in court. In many cases the paperwork that many safety people espouse as effective for managing risk are actually used against organizations in court to demonstrate a lack of due diligence!

The workshop doesn’t just deconstruct current ineffectiveness of ‘paper systems’ but offers positive actions and skills one can take to exercise due diligence.

If you would like to book Greg and Rob’s Two Day Due Diligence Workshop just email here:

You can download a flyer about the Due Diligence Workshop here:

If you want more detail about the Due Diligence Workshop including detailed format for each day please write to

4. DUE DILIGENCE from Human Dymensions on Vimeo.

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