Dumb Ways to Love and Die

Dumb Ways to Love and Die

Happy Bloody Valentines Day! – Latest sequel from Metro Rail – They missed Xmas but what are they going to do at Easter? Was that a dumb way to die as well?

imageFrom ADWEEK:

Fifteen months and 71 million YouTube views after its storied premiere, McCann Melbourne’s “Dumb Ways to Die” train-safety campaign is back with this cute, grotesque little spot for Valentine’s Day. Turns out the greedy little blue blob who sold both his kidneys on the Internet now has easy access to other vital organs through the stitched-up wounds. Despite his best intentions, death, naturally, ensues. “Be safe around Valentine’s Day … and trains,” says the on-screen copy.

Please see – https://safetyrisk.net/dumb-ways-to-measure-effectiveness/

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