Top 10 Rules for Defensive Driving:

Top 10 Rules for Defensive Driving:

The term defensive driving means much more than just being slow and cautions while driving. It is actually an approach towards driving, which will definitely help drivers prevent unnecessary accidents and incidents on the road. Therefore, it is important to avoid these incidents and accidents that are caused by careless driving through proper considerations of the following rules for defensive driving.
1. Avoid distractions
Most scientists, who have done research on the possible causes of accidents, say that several car accidents that happen every year are caused by driver distractions. In this regard, by avoiding any kind of distraction on the road is the first precautions to take. Talking and eating while driving are some of distractions to avoid.

2. Always focus on the field of vision (horizon)
Do not completely concentrate on the vehicle right in front of the car; try to focus on the horizon while watching the traffic ahead of the car. This way, it is possible to notice any suspicious activity that may lead to an accident, thus giving enough time to adjust appropriately before that happens.

3. Always drive in one lane
Staying in one lane is important and can greatly reduce unnecessary incidents on the road since most accidents occur when a driver abruptly changes lanes and hence being rear-ended.

4. Watch out on lane changers
It is important to keep an eye on drivers who keep changing lanes frequently and suddenly since most of them slip between cars. Use all mirrors to see all angles and if there is a car approaching, slow down to allow them to pass if it is appropriate to do so.

5. Never forget to watch blind spots
While some persons may not drive in and out of traffic, others carelessly jump into another lane without considering the existence of blind spots. Therefore, to avoid being struck by this kind of drivers, it is advisable to stay away from the blind spots of any car on the road. In this regard, it can be better to either slow down or accelerate the car in order to keep a considerable distance away from them.

6. Never have eye contact with another driver
As there are some people who try very hard to angers others when something bad as happened on the road. By ignoring making eye contact with such kind of people can help a lot in avoiding unnecessary road rage incidents from happening.

7. Beware of intersections
Intersections are the most dangerous places where several car accidents frequently occur. Surprisingly, many people will immediately start driving once green light turns on, but unfortunately, not all of them will stop when they turn red. Therefore, it is safe to check the left side for vehicles, which ignore red lights, and to the right side as well before driving off through the intersections.

8. Understand all rules of swerving
It is only essential to swerve when it is impossible to prevent an accident from occurring. However, in order to diverge safely, the driver should ascertain that the lane to enter is completely empty and then go back immediately to the actual lane to avoid further problems.

9. Avoid bad drivers
Avoid all drivers with bad intentions on the road by keeping a considerable distance from them. If possible, change the lane or slow down to let them pass to avoid rear-ending.

10. Do not tailgate
It is also important to avoid being too close to another car. When the car is too close to another, it is difficult to avoid an accident from occurring since the room is very little to escape. Keep a considerable distance away from any car too.

If the above top ten rules for defensive driving are followed properly, many accidents that occur on the road can greatly reduce. Congestion charge phone number also enhances safety on most busy roads.

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