Scaffolding, Readiness and ZPD in Learning

In the first few weeks of a Teaching degree one is introduced to the fundamentals of learning theory and there are plenty of them ( ). Every teacher knows that the simplistic nonsense of behaviourism – in and out, reward and punishment, black and white doesn’t explain even the basics… Learn more >>>>>

WA Construction Site Safety Guide 2014

WA Construction Site Safety Guide 2014 – Released Scaffolding & Site Safety Press Release The Western Australian Government remains committed to the principle of harmonisation and continues to take steps to progress the implementation of the model work health and safety laws. It is important particularly within the construction industry… Learn more >>>>>

Free Safety Shockers Images

Free Safety Shockers Images This site is the ultimate resource for shocking and stupid safety photos, pictures and images. Contributors include Workplace Safety Inspectors and a network of Safety Professionals. The site is a combined effort of the SAFTENG Network and the Victorian Worksafe Authority as part of their Safety… Learn more >>>>>