There is no HIERARCHY of Controls

WARNING: For safety people, please read more than the headline! Whilst some models are helpful they are never accurate. Models are symbols/myths that convey a semiotic purpose but in themselves ought not to be considered absolute. This is why we find metaphors and symbols helpful, neither are scientific or accurate… Learn more >>>>>

Stirring the OHS pot

Great article by Kevin Jones. Quote: “OHS professionals have an insane reliance on documentation and rules to make workplaces safe. The workplace has now become so regimented that workers have little ability to think about risk  or to think creatively about OHS beyond immediate hazards.  Nor do they necessarily receive… Learn more >>>>>

More Free Safety Templates

More Free Safety Templates Safety in Australia offers these free safety templates for download. Their website also includes a large safety directory, latest safety news, safety jobs and reference material. Visit the site........ Hazard Report Hierarchy of Controls Induction Register Job Safety Analysis Material Safety Data Sheet Register Minutes of… Learn more >>>>>