Surviving Cyclones: Preparation and safety

Surviving Cyclones: Preparation and safety.

The link above to the BOM provides a general checklist for cyclone preparation and safety procedures.
Preparation and Safety information is also linked in the right hand column including details about damage and danger associated with cyclone intensity, storm surge and advice for mariners.

State and territory emergency agencies are the primary providers of advice for cyclone procedures. Contact details and web links are provided at the bottom of this page.CLICK HERE FOR MORE: Surviving Cyclones: Preparation and safety.

Bureau of Meteorology

In addition to the web services the Bureau issues phone and fax information services.

Automated Telephone Messages: Cyclone Advices (Watch/Warning):

  • QLD: 1300 659 212
  • NT: 1300 659 211
  • WA: 1300 659 210

Weather-by-Fax: Directory pages (poll fax):

  • QLD: 1902 935 277
  • NT: 1902 935 218
  • WA: 1902 935 297

Emergency services agencies

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