Something’s gotta give..

For a little while now Drewie has been talking about moving away from safety, as we know it, (some may say she Just Isn’t That Into Safety Anymore). It seems that, upon recent reflection, the time has now come. She says:

hard hat“Ok so after being in a workshop this week: Intro to the ‘Social Psychology of Risk’– which was outstanding by the way, more on that later – I have decided to focus my energy into the causes so very close to my heart which are touched upon in this post. So ‘Hard Hat Mentor’ will now be operating in that space from here on in. ‘Focus Drewie’ – Supporting mental health and diversity in our industry will always, always help those in it to look after themselves and each other with care and trust, so will continue to enhance the ‘safety journey’ we are all on. My support for and work with Clive Lloyd and the team at GYST Consulting shall, as always, remain strong and never ending, the work they – we do is very important and powerful. So stay tuned as now much in my profile and life is ‘under construction’ 🙂 Really living my motto with a vengeance now.

“Only Use Your Power For Good” how excitement!!!! Cheers Drewie :)”

Something’s gotta give..

Part of my ‘reason for being’ hitting me very strongly lately is the want, the urge, the desire, the need to give back to an industry I love so much. They say it is the best thing we can do, to give with no expectation of return, that the act of giving may help our own journey in this ‘knock down get back up’ life so very much.

We may end up generating an income from our giving I guess, many have. Yet if that is the driver, well we could stumble and fall or fail. It shouldn’t be our plan ‘A’ I don’t reckon. Plan ‘A’ for the heart yes, perhaps plan ‘F’ for the bills….

Up to now safety, leadership and culture have been on my radar. That will not change.

Yet if we are going to give, then give everything we have, go hard or go home.

So my giving in this space, at least publically, feels like it is just beginning. It will be all about striving and thriving, not just surviving. in an industry that can ‘suck the life out of ya if ya let it.’

The Resources and Construction game. (I have always called it the ‘game’)

Whether it is mining, construction (or any other industry I guess) that takes us away from our ‘other life.’

This giving space will also be about chicks in a male dominated world. There is no other way to put it. It’s a brutal fact, though not as ‘brutal’ as it used to be, back when ‘cocky was in egg’ (as my Nana used to say) when I was a new barramundi.

With your help, it will not only be from a female point of view or for women only, yet from all perspectives as we go, and for (and from) the guys too.

This space will also attempt help those who:


· Have not been in the game long or are just contemplating getting into it.

· Are contemplating getting out of it.

· Are trying, screaming, and banging on doors wanting to get back in!!

There are many out there at the minute ‘giving’ in this space and I take my hat off to them.

I would like to join them, add my voice. The more the merrier.

So if you:

· Work FIFO – fly in fly out or drive or bus in and out or live residential.

· Wear a bloody hard hat.

· Love someone who wears a hard hat.

· Know someone who wears a hard hat.

· Love or know someone who doesn’t put one on very often anymore yet is responsible for or supports hard hat wearers.

Then this space is for you.

I hope you will join me and comment and share your thoughts and experiences as we go.

My ‘Hard Hat Mentor’ logo has eyes under it for a reason.




Not numbers. There always has been.

Let’s keep ‘giving’ for them and for those who love them and for those who cannot wait to see the back of them when they go to work!

We can be here for their friends, their kids, their pets. For each other.

Now that sounded a bit sooky la la didn’t it. I mean it though.

For those of you who are new to HHM, it seems I have already written a a couple of little posts in this space a while ago:

FIFO Life Poem

Drewie has spent over 25 years working FIFO swings and wrote this poem recently when social media comments on almost every forum were so toxic and mean during a time when the FIFO suicides were all over the news: “When the inquiry …… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>

You know you’ve been ‘on site’ for weeks (years) when…….

Really cool post by (Drewie) Dionne Drew – Client Relationship Manager. Senior Safety Coach. Leadership/Safety Performance Consultant. First published HERE on LinkedIn Change of pace for me here, keeping it light-hearted, though on re reading this post….perhaps not. I found myself at a hole in the wall one day …… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>

We will learn from each other. Of that I have no doubt at all.

We will laugh, I crack myself up all the time and am a legend in my lunchbox.

My credentials? Well never justify yourself I say, just give it to em.’

So stay tuned folks and I will ‘give it to ya’ very soon.

Thanks for hangin’ out with me J


Drewie and Hard Hat Mentor

Stay safe, keep smilin’

Only use your power for good




‘Fly in Fly out Life’ Mentor: supporting on-site teams + Women in ‘boots’ Mentor. at Hard Hat Mentor

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Drewie has worked her way up through the ranks on remote FIFO sites all over Australia and one project in Canada to date. With a career spanning 30 years, she estimates, a culminated 5 years 'off' trying the 'other life’ here and there in the hospitality and fitness industries. Her first day on a remote site was her milestone 18th birthday and she also celebrated her 21st living in a donga and blowing the candles out on the cake at the wetty. Apparently if her upcoming 50th ends up being the same scenario, that would be ok too. “Though my family may have other ideas about that”. She is currently and shall continue working with Clive Lloyd's team at GYST Consulting where Values Based Safety - using 'The Care Factor' approach to Culture development and Authentic Leadership are front and centre. The big news is that 'Hard Hat Mentor', Drewies’ own consultancy, is now in an exciting development phase where all energy and focus shall be channelled into two causes very close to her heart. The first will be supporting on-site leadership/teams/work crews and individuals to thrive in the, at times, very challenging FIFO work and lifestyle. The second is to be a mentor to the gutsy 'Women in Boots' who may need a hand now and then in a male dominated arena with its own unique set of bumps in the road to navigate. Drewie says, “One cannot spend so very long working remotely on gruelling rosters without picking up some wisdom along the way, albeit at times seemingly from osmosis alone! There are many hard won lessons we learn in such a unique environment, mine are demanding to be shared now, very loudly, they refuse to be ignored, so my new journey begins.' Drewie has also taken her first steps to study ‘The Social Psychology of Risk’ formally and has a new skip in her step due to all the knowledge to be gained and shared in the future.

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