Downturn Doin’ Your Head In? Let’s Chat….


FIFO Chat Group In Mandurah, WA – 21st September


clip_image002Having so many conversations lately with FIFO peeps who are suffering in this downturn, who despite their best efforts just cannot find work.

It is a tough market out there at the minute.

If it is doin’ your head in, grinding your gears, or you are cool with it as you have found a good way to deal, or another direction that is exciting, let’s let all that out for each other. Always remember:

This too shall pass.

Yet in the meantime the charitable arm of Hard Hat Mentor would like to reach out to those of you who may be interested in getting together now and then for a very casual meet and greet, over a cuppa or a beer (not too many we have to drive!) …. What may happen when we all hook up? Perhaps we can hang out with others who are open to:

  • Letting out all their frustrations in a ‘safe place.’
  • Meeting others who are in the same predicament.
  • Working on strategies and options together to ‘save their sanity’.
  • Spend some time with other FIFO guys/girls who ‘get it.’
  • Spend some time away from your family and friends to help them in the long run.
  • Talk about whatever you want, or not talk at all just be there.
  • Wrap up the casual chats with a positive vibe, happy dance (by me) and what you are going to do between then and the next meeting. Yes there will be homework!!

Family and friends are not welcome


Sound Harsh? – Just reality. Plenty of meets like that available.

This one is just for US.


I am old school, so there will be no ‘online community’ created. Screw that, face to face, shake hands, look me in the eye, not virtual reality.

There, at this stage, is no ‘event invite button’ from this dinosaur.

Just let me know if you are keen you will find a way, my contact details are here:

You can bring other FIFO mates with, no ‘registration.’

On saying that at least ‘someone’ contact me so I do not sit there waiting for people who are not going to show up.

These get togethers will be in Mandurah. It is beautiful here. Summer is coming too.

So there it is. Hope to hear from you soon. It will be a blast. Not all doom and gloom.

First one will be on Wednesday 21st September:

Mandurah Foreshore – Initial meeting point near playground.

Noon till – whenever we are sick of each other or you have to split.

I shall be carrying a big white bag with my Hard Hat Mentor logo on it.

Cannot wait to meet you. How excitement.

Stay safe, keep smilin.

Only use your power for good.


Drewie and HHM Smile



‘Fly in Fly out Life’ Mentor: supporting on-site teams + Women in ‘boots’ Mentor. at Hard Hat Mentor

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Drewie has worked her way up through the ranks on remote FIFO sites all over Australia and one project in Canada to date. With a career spanning 30 years, she estimates, a culminated 5 years 'off' trying the 'other life’ here and there in the hospitality and fitness industries. Her first day on a remote site was her milestone 18th birthday and she also celebrated her 21st living in a donga and blowing the candles out on the cake at the wetty. Apparently if her upcoming 50th ends up being the same scenario, that would be ok too. “Though my family may have other ideas about that”. She is currently and shall continue working with Clive Lloyd's team at GYST Consulting where Values Based Safety - using 'The Care Factor' approach to Culture development and Authentic Leadership are front and centre. The big news is that 'Hard Hat Mentor', Drewies’ own consultancy, is now in an exciting development phase where all energy and focus shall be channelled into two causes very close to her heart. The first will be supporting on-site leadership/teams/work crews and individuals to thrive in the, at times, very challenging FIFO work and lifestyle. The second is to be a mentor to the gutsy 'Women in Boots' who may need a hand now and then in a male dominated arena with its own unique set of bumps in the road to navigate. Drewie says, “One cannot spend so very long working remotely on gruelling rosters without picking up some wisdom along the way, albeit at times seemingly from osmosis alone! There are many hard won lessons we learn in such a unique environment, mine are demanding to be shared now, very loudly, they refuse to be ignored, so my new journey begins.' Drewie has also taken her first steps to study ‘The Social Psychology of Risk’ formally and has a new skip in her step due to all the knowledge to be gained and shared in the future.

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