Social Sensemaking–New Book Release

Anyone struggling to make sense of the social psychology of risk and safety, the flavour of most of our articles these days, will love this new book by Rob Sams

Social Sensemaking – A Reflective Journal; how we make sense of risk


We are pleased to announce that Social Sensemaking© is now available for ‘Pre-Order’. Due for release at the end of August, you can pre-order your copy in advance by clicking on the link below.


What is the Book About?

Social Sensemaking©, is a reflection of a ‘learning adventure’ in the Social Psychology of Risk, experienced over the past few years by Rob Sams and the other Contributors to this book.
Written in the form of a reflective journal, they share stories and experiences of how they have made sense of decisions and judgments about risk.
This is a book that questions the traditional controlling and dictating methods typically adopted by the risk and safety fields, and as an alternative offers a more humanistic approach and methodology.

What Are People Saying About the Book?

“Social Sensemaking fills a critical gap in the risk and safety professions in that it provides a different, more humanistic perspective on how to deal with people, our most precious resource. Rob does a great job balancing very technical, sometimes sensitive topics, but in a way that is approachable and practical. These ideas are powerful and have great potential to make positive change in any organization.”

Ron Gantt
Vice President,
SCM Safety

“My ‘unlearning journey’ in Safety has definitely been a highlight of my career and I thank Rob for guiding me, inspiring me and listening to me; I appreciate our friendship. I was delighted to write the Forward for Rob’s first book, we have become great mates, and this is even more special as we rarely see each other, but instead share mutual admiration, thinking and reflections. I commend this book to you and wish you well in your own ‘Social Sensemaking’.”

Dave Collins
Publisher of

“I love the idea of a reflective journal; this fits so well with both Rob’s style and the intention of the book in being one that inspires people on their own ‘adventure’ as Rob calls it.

I have learned that life and people can be challenging to understand; as Rob says, we are grey, messy and at times perplexing creatures, and our decisions and responses are layered and complex and nuanced.  It can be hard to make sense of things. That is where this book provides some great insights.
This is a book for anyone interested in learning more about people, about why we do what we do and how we make sense of things – or even whether we need to. I feel most privileged that much of what is written in this book I have experienced firsthand. I have gone on my own journey as a result of my many discussions with Rob, and I look forward to future travels.”

Shona Tarrant
Performance People and Culture
Harris Farm Markets


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