Safety is about…

imageWhy the way we talk about safety in an organisation matters.

Does getting home at the end of the work day mean that we were safe that day?

Here’s my 7 ½ minutes on why the way we talk about safety at work matters so much.

Dave Whitefield
After 20 years in safety and training, I now focus primarily on the human side of safety. I help clients tackle their wicked problems through seeking to understand how people organise in response to uncertainty, and how they make sense of risk. I do this through consulting, coaching, training and workshop design and delivery, MC'ing events and conferences, and delivery of keynote presentations.

3 Replies to “Safety is about…”

  1. Nice reminder
    Zero Harm – going home uninjured! a bit of a lottery isn’t it, one day your number might come up because of our attraction to risk and its rewards.

    1. Zero is such a dangerous delusion. Whenever you see celebration of a very long period without LTI then you just know that disaster is imminent……..

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