Safety Can Be Sexy

Safety Can Be Sexy

Ok – its the weekend again and time for some less serious safety stuff. As a public service, we have previously written a few articles about how sex and primal instinct can be used as an effective way to sell the safety message. We have treaded carefully so as to avoid offending anyone. For some reason the articles have proven very popular???. I reckon a great way to liven up one of those boring induction sessions or as an icebreaker for your next safety training session!

I’m A Safety Girl! Classic Scene from the movie Pretty Woman

Sexy safety – its gonna get dirty!

This was an advertisement for safety work wear (I think?). If anyone is offended – BAD LUCK. For the rest of you – ENJOY! See the video below.

Or the Air New Zealand “bare essentials” safety briefing:

And how creepy is bikini clad “Safety Sue”


If you are interested, here are some of our previous articles on the subject:


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