Isn’t Safety Supposed to be a Positive Thing?

Isn’t Safety Supposed to be a Positive Thing?

Danger of DeathI subscribe to quite a few Safety Newsletters via email but I’m starting to wonder whether it is worth the time, effort and bother. I opened a few Newsletters this morning and was confronted with the following headlines all about harm, compliance, punishment and fear:

  • Alcoa could be fined $200K over 2012 Wagerup refinery death
  • Bulga Underground found guilty in 2010 workplace accident
  • Second explosives truck accident in two months
  • Coal carrying ‘Murder Ship’ under scrutiny
  • New prospects for FIFO legislation in WA
  • Repetitive tasks carry severe health risks for smaller manufacturers
  • Young worker killed in Northern Victoria
  • ACT Government bans builders from removing asbestos
  • Construction union scathing of penalty for worker death
  • Executives face life in prison following mine deaths
  • Five options flagged for WA safety laws
  • Truck Owner-Operator Pleads not Guilty of Manslaughter
  • Investigation Set To look Into Spate of FIFO Deaths
  • Inspectorate Fears Mine Workers on Ice, Synthetic Drugs
  • Top OSHA Fines


This might be what the publishers think we want to read or all that is available to them from their sources but is this really what safety is about?

What do these articles prime in the unconscious minds of the people who devour them?

How is voyeurism, doom and gloom, death, punishments and Safety Spudism really of interest to Safety People who want to make a positive difference in the workplace?

What, of value, is to be learned from reading these articles and newsletters?

Does anybody know of any Safety and Risk Newsletters which publish only positive, helpful stuff? (see great example HERE)


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