How do I get my Food Handling Certificate?

How do I get my Food Handling Certificate?

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To receive your food handling certificate or food handlers certificate, you must be deemed competent in the nationally recognised training course Follow Workplace Hygiene procedures SITXOHS002A). In the food handling certificate course, you will learn what you need to know about your responsibilities as a food handler. You will also understand the hazards associated with poor food safety standards, such as contamination and food poisoning, and finally we’ll look at one of the main causes of these food safety hazards: bacteria.

Food poisoning outbreaks can have devastating effects. It is your legal responsibility as a food handler to understand what causes food poisoning, and how to maintain safe food handling practises in your workplace. It is also your responsibility to monitor food handling, and correct or report any unsafe practices you observe in your workplace.




It is your legal responsibility to understand: The food handling policies and procedures in your workplace; About food safety hazards, and The principles of safe food handling which are covered as part of getting your food handling certificate

Why do you need Food Safety Policies and Procedures? Because your customers rely on you to provide them with food which is safe to eat. And by implementing hygiene rules, your workplace is Meeting legal requirements; maintaining a safe and clean environment, and Serving food which is free from contamination. Food Safety Training is essential to understand these requirements.

A food safety program identifies and describes: Measures that help to control hazards from occurring; Monitoring these hazard controls; How to correct unsafe conditions and Record keeping.

A food safety program must also comply with relevant federal, state and industry legislation and regulations. In NSW in 2011, all food businesses will need at least one supervisor trained with food safety training.

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