FREE Guidelines for Critical Incidents

FREE Guidelines for Critical Incidents

Next time you hear someone complain about having to wear PPE or fill out a JSA, spare a thought for our Emergency Services and Public Safety personnel. Whether it be search and rescue, disaster recovery, accident response, tactical response, fire fighting or day to day frontline policing, these guys are continuously exposed to serious and unpredictable hazards and risks, that can quickly escalate out of control, and other situations that most of us could not even imagine.

The Institute for Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Education – iLEESE – provides FREE training for Law Enforcement and First Responders. From Active Shooter Response to the Conflict Management Models. The guy who runs ILEESE – Keith Suddes – has a very impressive background in the field and is extremely passionate about what he does. Visit the website

I know that the situations detailed in these resources are probably very different to what most of us deal with day to day but these are very high quality resources and I want to show you how the safety and risk management principles that we are all familiar with can be successfully used to save lives and mitigate emergencies in any situation. And, it might give you a whole new appreciation for what these brave people are sometimes up against.

Examples of some of their excellent downloads:

  • [Download not found] This guide is designed to assist commanders and tactical advisors when faced with selecting the appropriate tactical option to deal with a given set of circumstances.
  • [Download not found]  Use of the CMM assures the threat assessment is supported by the information, strategy reflects priorities identified in that assessment,  action proposed is proportionate to the threat identified and action is capable of achieving the strategy
  • [Download not found]  Unusual Weapons, Concealment Methods for Contraband & Things that Make You Wonder WhyYou Ever Became a Cop. Its a shame this ingenuity can’t be used to do good things.

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