Drowning in the home

Drowning  in the home

Earlier this month a nine-year-old boy drowned in a backyard pool on Sydney’s North Shore.

Police were called to a Roseville house about 6.40pm on Tuesday, November 6, where the boy was found underneath the pool cover.

Summer is on its way and a pool is the first thing kids love on a hot day. Pool safety must be the absolute number one thing on a parent’s mind if they own a pool. However, it doesn’t stop there – most people own a bath so water safety must be on everyone’s mind.

There is absolutely no excuse for carelessness. If this is you then don’t buy a pool or rent or buy a house with a pool or keep the pool empty.

As an adult you must also make older children in the household aware of water safety. Abusing any water safety rules must result in pool privileges taken away for a set time.

Some 284 people drowned in Australian waters, waterways, pools and bathtubs in 2011-12, according to Royal Life Saving’s annual report.

One-third of all drownings in that age bracket in 2011-12 were in bathtubs or spas. All states and territories reported drownings, with NSW recording 105 of the total 284.

Drownings are so quick and there is no room for error. Kids need to be supervised by adults and adults need to be within an arm’s length. Once your child is 15-years-old they may be safe to swim unsupervised, however, what if they do a stupid thing in the water? A drowning happens so quick it is unbelievable. Don’t make your pool/spa/bath a reminder of tragedy.

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