Dangerous Goods Air Transport Training – Who Should Have It?

Dangerous Goods Air Transport Training – Who Should Have It?

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A wide range of companies must transport dangerous goods. When those goods must be transported by air, special circumstances exist and those circumstances must be fully understood and planned for. Transporting dangerous goods by air is regulated. This is done to prevent accidents which could cause damage to people or property as well as to prevent damage to the environment.

There are some very obvious hazardous materials which are sometimes required to be sent by air. These include things such as acidic materials, materials which are radioactive, and other items such as gas, flammable materials, solvents, pesticides and some types of paint. In each case the materials which need to be sent by air are classified as dangerous materials. They are therefore given a class designation and that classification is based on the kind of danger that it can present to the public at large.

Dangerous Goods by Air training is given to offer your employees or executives the skills and understanding that they need to safely implement the shipping of anything which may present a hazard. It was designed to give complete training and more — to provide a working strategy by which companies can safely ship goods which are dangerous to others.

The means to understand not only what is necessary but why it is necessary is going to give an employee the skill set they need to ensure that they do the job properly. It will further drive home the consequences to the public and to the other passengers of air transport if the job is not properly done. Providing as much training and information as possible is an important part of owning a business. In this instance, it is also the law.

In any instance that someone is going to be involved in packing, documenting or handling of the materials during the course of their transit, they will be required to have training and certification. This means that if you or someone in your employ is going to be handling the substance prior to transport, during the transport or receiving it after transport, or even if you are only the person documenting the transport of the substance, you’ll need some appropriate training to be certified.

The international laws require that training courses be taken. In Australia, these courses are known as Civil Aviation Safety Authority certification courses. They are required to be completed every two years. The training course is given, a certification examination is required at the end and your certification will last two years, whereupon you will be required to recertify.

Article by: AlertForce.com.au providers of online and offline OHS and WHS training courses in Australia.

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