If you truly believe in zero it will happen

If you truly believe in zero it will happen – Safety as Faith Healing

Guest post by Dr Rob Long 

imageThe logic of faith healing is quite simple: believe in something and if you truly believe and believe enough it will happen. If it doesn’t happen then you don’t believe enough – a wonderful get out clause. This is the case with the logic of this clip:

Unfortunately the presentation has more in common with a fundamentalist church convention than anything to do with reality or human reality. It certainly has nothing to do with safety leadership. This is why I entitled my second book For the Love of Zero, the ideology of the zero cult is a pretty religious in nature.

No amount of believing or wishing can make fallible humans infallible, what’s more such framing of language is quite dangerous and delusional. The discourse of believing for zero is just as disappointing as the discourse of believing any cult. You can see the trajectory of the logic in this clip and presentation. Are we so fearful of risk, so fearful of injury that we have stooped to the binary opposition logic gymnastics of this position?

Believe ZERO Injuries are Possible

Dr Rob Long

Dr Rob Long

Expert in Social Psychology, Principal & Trainer at Human Dymensions
Dr Rob Long
PhD., MEd., MOH., BEd., BTh., Dip T., Dip Min., Cert IV TAA, MRMIA Rob is the founder of Human Dymensions and has extensive experience, qualifications and expertise across a range of sectors including government, education, corporate, industry and community sectors over 30 years. Rob has worked at all levels of the education and training sector including serving on various post graduate executive, post graduate supervision, post graduate course design and implementation programs.

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