Communicating and Consulting About Risk

Communicating and Consulting About Risk

imageIn this next video from Gab and Rob’s ‘Conversation on the Couch’ series, the guys talk through a little known book that accompanies the Risk Management Standard. It’s called Communicating and Consulting About Risk, HB327. You can get a copy here 

The book provides some good guidance and background on a well rounded risk management process which importantly includes understanding the range of people variables that need to be understood in order to effectively deal with and discern risk. Did you know that there are over 250 of these variables?

For those of you who have followed some of the articles on the blog, you will have heard of Heuristics, this book outlines that Heuristics are a valid form of risk assessment.

We hope you enjoy the video. For those of you who sent us your thoughts and feedback on our last videos, ‘thanks’, we’ve taken a lot of it on board and hope you enjoy the changes.

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