Canada Culture Workshops Vancouver and Calgary November 2018

Canada Culture Workshops Vancouver and Calgary November 2018


The mis-definition of culture as either: systems, behaviours or leadership causes so many problems for people and organisations in their journey in risk and safety. Then leaders wonder why they find it so challenging to influence change in culture because of all of the critical factors left out of such simplistic definitions.

Dr Long is in Canada for a series of workshops, a keynote presentation and roundtable in November 2018. The keynotes and roundtable are linked to risk and safety associations however, two workshops will be available for open and public. These are: Vancouver 1,2 November and Calgary 7,8 November 2018.

The focus of the workshop will be on culture, leadership and risk in particular, unpacking the Culture Cloud. Dr Long uses a semiotic understanding to bring greater meaning to the nature of culture ( Dr Long believes that without a semiotic understanding of culture it is not likely that any approach to culture change will be effective.

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