Because now they can do it safely?

No longer any need to be chicken about crossing the road – its someone else’s fault now if they don’t see them!


I wonder if chickens in the UK are now going to be as safe as workers are now that they don’t have to think as much about the inherent risks in their lives any more either – ‘cos someone else is looking out for them???

I bet nobody consulted with the chickens either about this idea?

From the “Elf N Safety” paranoid UK comes the latest in in PPE – yep Hi Viz vests for chickens!!

These jackets are lined with NASA-approved Flectalon and not only provide visibility, comfort and warmth but they are also said to provide back protection from amorous cockerels!!

This is not a yoke but the company marketing the new PPE is called “OMLET”.

Visit their website to see the full range of chicken accessories.


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hazardmanSUPER CHICKEN!!!

– is he a match for….HAZARDMAN !!! ????




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