New and timely Safety Poem sent in by a reader:



T’was the night before Christmas and now she’s all alone.


Because her husband had an accident at work and didn’t come home.

He was killed because he took a shortcut and of course he knew better.

He knew the rules and usually followed them to the letter.

He woke up that morning not planning to die.

Nor to leave his wife grieving and crying why God oh why?

That morning started out just like the rest of them did.

With a conversation over breakfast about what to name their kid.

You see his wife is nine months pregnant and it’s so very sad.

Their little boy will grow up never knowing his dad.

No baseball, no football, no father -n- son time together.

No hunting, no fishing, not once, no…. not ever.

Everyone wonders what was going through his head.

He had such a bright future, but in an instant he was dead.

One thing’s for certain, in fact it couldn’t be any more clear.

Had he followed the rules that day, he’d most surely still be here.

By C. F. Mellinger



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