Worlds Largest Collection of Free Safety Stuff

Worlds Largest Collection of Free Safety Stuff

imageI used to call myself “The Robin Hood of Safety” when I first started this blog. I collected all the safety slogans, safety pictures, risk assessment forms and safety checklists I could find and stuck ‘em all in one place. It was a big hit with all the safety officers and supervisors looking to do some basic things to improve safety. Well, things have changed a bit and things related to the psychology of safety, the people side of safety and integrating safety into the way we do things are now the main focus.

Therefore, I now nominate Dave Weber as the new “ROBIN HOOD OF SAFETY”. Dave runs the website “SAFETY AWAKENINGS”. Dave’s website is completely chockers with heaps of free safety stuff including links to safety posters, ohs procedures, PowerPoint presentations, toolbox talks, safety training materials, safety photo of the week, safety apps, safety Ebooks, safety humor and safety videos. You will also enjoy his regular “Safety Awakenings” Smile 


To quote Dave directly:

Many of the other on-line safety magazines and blogs are written by “professional writers” and “journalist”s.  Most of these folks have never stepped foot in a manufacturing plant or construction site.   While our editorial staff are safety professionals with: CSPs, advanced degrees in safety, actual OSHA experience, and decades of real-world safety experience!

Our popular directories link to over 20,000 totally free international safety resources!  Every link is individually reviewed and selected by a Certified Safety Professional.   To insure that our links all work properly, once every 72-hours each link is tested and dead links are promptly removed.

Each week we feature three popular series.  On Monday we showcase a new “Safety App Of The Week“.  Every Wednesday you’ll find our “Safety Photo Of The Week“.  Finally, on Friday we publish another “Safety Awakening” from Dave Weber.

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