Why Some People Never Achieve

Why Some People Never Achieve – Positive Thinking Causes Failure!!!

I was lucky enough last night to attend a presentation by leading Sport Psychologist Phil Jauncey. He convinced us all that people fail because they are into positive thinking, attitude adjustment, focus and motivation – go figure!!! His point is that it has nothing to do with how you think or if you are “pumped”, your success is all about how you execute and deliver and that most failure is caused by you making changes away from what has worked for you in the past. He gave many examples of famous sporting failures and success stories to back up his big statements.

A friend of mine wrote a short piece about Phil and his advice on how you CAN succeed – it makes perfect simple sense, WELL WORTH A READ: Why Some People Never Achieve

Dr Jauncey says: “You don’t have to feel good to be successful, but when you are successful it feels good.”

PS: This guy would be a brilliant speaker at a Corporate Function – very entertaining (I wont dare say motivational!)

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