The Take 5 For Safety Process

The Take 5 For Safety Process

The take 5 for safety process is becoming very popular as a simple and effective way to increase safety awareness. There are a few variations like StepBack 5 x 5 and I saw a Take 4 For Safety Program just yesterday. Here is a really good document from an unknown sources that explains it very well and very simply: [Download not found]

You may see safety slogans around the workplace like: TAKE 5 – STAY ALIVE or awareness posters.

The process is basically about taking 5 minutes to think about the job and the hazards. And before the cynics say “we haven’t got time for this $%#@!%&” – ask them to think about a time when with a little more thought and planning a job could have been done quicker, easier, cheaper AND safer. I always remember the time I climbed all the way to the top of a silo to do a dip and when I got there realized I had forgotten the key to open the inspection hatch. Had I done a Take 5 – would have saved 20!

The basic process is:

  1. STOP – engage brain before you act
  2. LOOK – identify any hazards
  3. ASSESS – what damage could those hazards causes
  4. MANAGE – implement controls, tell others
  5. SAFELY – complete the task

7 Replies to “The Take 5 For Safety Process”

  1. take 5,s are a complete waste of time.I have been in the workforce for 51 years and not had a accident or major injury just by being aware of my surroundings,.

    1. They certainly are when contrived and done only to tick boxes and meet targets. When done well and for the right reasons (ie thinking and discussion) it can be effective. You have probably been doing a “take 5” all those years with out even knowing it. I do like to stop and think about what can go wrong but i think a check list and form is not something that would assist in my case

  2. I am actually undertaking a research on tis subject. I hope the research will bring more lit in the use and application of these tools.

  3. Hi Rob,

    Lack of literature in these tools is what prompted me to conduct my research. Hopefully the research will provide the missing link. I sent a request to post my survey on this forum/blog as I have seen similar discussions in the past.


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