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Your staff are based out in the field – so why have your safety and reporting forms as an office procedure?

safety appWith innovative SEE Forge mobile technology, all your safety and maintenance paper-based forms can now be completed on a smartphone or tablet. There’s no need for duplicates, filing, finding a supervisor to give a completed form to, or passing over to an admin staff member to type out the details when they get the chance.

SEE Forge can replace all your paper-based forms with fully customisable fields on a smartphone app (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android) to capture the information that you need to immediately document safety issues, view site hazards and incident statuses instantaneously and in real-time.

It doesn’t stop with just safety. Any paper-based process can be accessed on any smart phone.

How does it work?

SEE Forge utilises GPS, picture and video technology to allow users to capture, share and track high-quality data on important issues. Your staff simply download the SEE Forge app to their smartphone, enter their user name and password, then quickly and easily select from your company specific options to provide the data you need. Users can tap to select from pre-determined responses, or type in specific details.

With the SEE Forge platform you can build and launch your own forms. For example:

· Safety – Take 5, JSA, hazard cards, vehicle inspections etc

· Daily operator logs/activity sheets

· Inspections and audits

· Environmental and quality reports

· Maintenance and work order requests

· Training and inductions

· Customer feedback forms

· Project management

· Or build your own forms.

Don’t have mobile reception out in the field?

The SEE Forge mobile application works with or without access to a mobile network. If network access is available, all data is quickly and easily uploaded and integrated to your system in real-time. If there’s no network access available at the time, all data and GPS information can still be captured, then is seamlessly uploaded next time you are in mobile range.

Benefits for your Staff

Your staff can instantly capture all the relevant details to make a report, taking only a minute or two provide all the information needed for the task at hand, with no further need to process their safety and maintenance forms back in the office. On-screen buttons are designed to be large and easy to click on so even people with large hands can easily use the technology out in the field with no prior training required.

SEE Forge technology eliminates paperwork, speeds up the safety process and assists in creating a safer workplace.

Benefits to Managers

Once the data has been captured in the field, a wealth of information is available for management reports. The SEE Forge Command Centre provides a dashboard view of all user uploaded reports, highlighting new issues, summaries and detailed information. It’s quick and easy to see which of your workers are submitting their reports (or conversely, which ones aren’t). Using GPS and location features, it’s simple to see where your safety and maintenance concerns are.

SEE Forge technology is fast and easy and will save you countless man hours it takes on average to compile a single report.

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