Safety Policy Examples

Health and Safety Policy Examples

  • health and safety policyThe UK Health and safety Directive is a great resource for all sorts of safety and risk management tools. Here is a link to their example health and safety policy . This illustrates what you need to think about if you are developing or reviewing your company’s Health and Safety Policy and Procedures


  • Here are a couple of fairly generic examples from Worksafe which only require you to change the Company name, sign and date it. Seems like an easy way out but be careful as it may be difficult to gain commitment from everybody if this is seen as just a token effort.
  • This sample safety policy from Winmark is designed to help you create a formal safety policy for your company. It contains the essential elements of a safety policy and is broadly written to cover a variety of workplace environments that pose differing levels of hazards. It can be edited and customized to meet the needs of your business. DOWNLOAD HERE

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