Safety Pandemic

Does anybody really believe this silly platitude that I spotted plastered all over our local McDonalds this morning? I’m not sure how many bugs are harbouring and multiplying behind them?

Some thoughts from Linkedin:

  • Keeping the restaurant clean and employees practicing proper hygiene is expected all of the time. Does this sign indicate they are only doing it because of the pandemic and when conditions return to normal they will stop cleaning the place and will no longer be washing their hands?
  • Probably created with good intentions, however the number one priority for any business is profit and survival. I would be extremely worried working for a company that prioritized health and safety over profit and survival.

Please send me any photos or examples that you spot on your “essential” outings…    

McDonalds covid

Some wallpaper from BWS (a large liquor store chain) – get as smashed as you want but wash your hands:


6 Replies to “Safety Pandemic”

  1. It is similar to the number of pandemic guides, checklists and plans that suddenly every organisation has developed and wants to share with you. It seems that every body feels the need to demonstrate that they are on top of things and suddenly experts. I have taken on the job of providing a FAQ sheet on our SharePoint so that our Managers and employees can at least have one point of “truth”. I would have used 1% of all the information that has crossed my desk. The signs are another example of trying to show that they are experts and care about the public and employees. As for all food outlets there shouldn’t be any difference to the way they maintain hygiene. Never mind the quality feel the width.

  2. “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.” – Antonio Gramsci

  3. Was talking to a safety manager yesterday who was on a Covid-19 organisational committee as all organisations now have them and they are developing fact sheets and wall paper like everyone else by cut n paste as if something like that is meaningful??? It’s the old SWMS facade on repeat, copy n paste, tick n flick and its all good. As long as the walls have the right wall paper you can then get on with business. Oh, yes and priority 1 because zero looks stupid at the moment.

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