Risk Free Perfection

Risk Free Perfection

imageSomething all good safety people are striving for right?

Then please watch this brilliantly uplifting video by Nike showing the dangers of applying risk free perfection to Soccer! This has really scary ramifications for any attempt to create zero harm in the workplace by way of turning workers into clones – all in the name of safety.

Quote from the creator of Perfect Inc sounds like something a safety zealot might say: “Reckless, 76% chance of missing the target. Reckless, a 50% chance of failure. Even the greatest players of our time make mistakes and take too many risks, after all they are only human …… Clones have flawless decision making, guaranteed results, it’s what the people want”

Then see what happens………. The winning mantra: “There is no greater danger than playing it safe”

Haha – see the header of this blog!

Thanks to Rob Sams for sharing.

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