Notified Fatalities Report

Notified Fatalities Report – Safe Work Australia

The monthly notified fatality report from Safe Work Australia provides a national summary of work-related traumatic fatalities that were notifiable to Australian work health and safety jurisdictions. Besides providing an estimate of the numbers of work-related deaths, the report also includes details of the types of incident involved; the industry of the workplace at which the fatalities occurred; and the industry of the decedent’s employer. Only the most recent report is presented — this will include any necessary revisions.

There were 8 work-related notified fatalities reported during June 2011— all were male workers. The total number of work-related fatalities reported for the financial year 2010–11 was 137 (including 19 bystanders). In comparison, there were 124 work-related notified fatalities reported in 2009–10 (including 13 bystanders).

A report has found that falling from height continued to be one of the leading causes of death.

Nineteen of the 137 fatalities were caused by falls. Some 21 were caused by falling objects, and 15 by crushing. Agriculture, forestry and fishing proved the most hazardous sector, with 34 deaths, and Queensland the most hazardous jurisdiction (39 deaths), followed by NSW (27), Western Australia (21) and Victoria (19).

Of the eight work-related deaths reported in June 2011, two were caused by a fall from height, and two occurred when workers were trapped in machinery.


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