is it do as I say or say as I do?

is it do as I say or say as I do? Do Safety People switch off when they get home?

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Just a question:

Do we practice safety in our homes as we do in our workplace? Just a few examples
In our homes –

1. Do we have all have hard wired smoke detectors and do they work?
2. Do we test and tag our cables? Vacuum cable?
3. Do we use multi plug extension cables surge protected or not?
4. Do we practice proper chemical storage and handling?
5. Do we have fire extinguishers in our home and do we train on their correct use by type?
6. Do we have an emergency plan and do we practice fire drills?
7. Does everyone in the household know where to isolate power for different areas of the home?
8. And one of my favourites do we leave candles unattended at any time?

Please be honest (Ok yeah I failed!!)

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