Hot OSHA Mobile App Free Download vs. Summer Heat

Hot OSHA Mobile App Free Download vs. Summer Heat

Guest Post for our US readers

As scorching temperatures are forecast through Labor Day, various safety groups have issued safety guidelines for those who plan to be outdoors in the coming days. Temperatures in the high 90s and beyond are expected in most of Texas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, while much of the rest of the country will be sweltering in hotter-than-average temperatures.

For its part, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the national watchdog for worksite safety, is providing guidance and some tools to mitigate the risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke for outdoor workers. The guidelines supplement OSHA training, such as OSHA 10 training and OSHA 30, now required by many construction employers in the United States – visit for more details.

One of the most useful tools OSHA has made available online is a mobile app designed to provide important safety information on working outdoors in high temperatures.

The app, called the Heat Safety Tool, has already become a hot download with nearly 52,000 availing themselves of the free tool. It enables the user to calculate the heat index for his or her worksite. With the heat index determined, the app informs the user of the corresponding risk level to an outdoor worker and provides reminders about the necessary measures to be taken for that risk level.

The Heat Safety Tool is conveniently available in both English and Spanish and can be used on three platforms: Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. It can be downloaded at

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